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Tell your #story.

Digital Creative CGI Agency

We deliver individually crafted strategies, compelling digital interactions along with remarkable experiences, through CGI and seamless 3D visualisations, to bind the gap between people and brands.

3D Visualisation

How a brand identity is created.

Digital Interaction





Our passion for brands inspires us to create smart, unique work which caters to your business’ goals and customers.




3D Visualisation

3D Architectural Visualisation has been at the forefront of property development marketing  solutions for a long while now.

Bringing your real-estate projects to life using our high-end photorealistic 3D visualisation services will make your property development stand out on the market and hit your sales goals in no time, even before your development construction has been finished.

We make sure to understand your objectives, and adopt an effective strategy to deliver results that will exceed your expectations. 


Interior Design 3D Visualisation

Our interior design visualisation services will allow you to realistically visualise your spaces and help your customers to make an informed decision in the buying process.

If you're an interior designer, architect, product manufacturer or a hotel chain owner, telling the story behind your interior concepts got easier than ever. All those spaces that you have ever imagined can now be translated into a digital visual form of art which can be exposed to your various target audiences to evoke a compelling living story that suits your brand style.

Send the right message to your customers and let them experience your brand lifestyle.


Product CGI

Before you start with a broad marketing campaign, you need to make sure that your product is nicely and accurately showcased to your customers.

We can recreate all your products in 3D and then go on to 3D visualize them virtually, allowing you a dramatic increase in advertising flexibility and brand consistency across a wide range of print and online marketing platforms.

Our product CGI visualisation services present a fast and cost effective solution to preparing all packaging and marketing visuals needed for a high-end product launch.

Product 3D visualisation is a must when it comes to creating the perfect brand image.



Having had a strong experience in dealing with a multitude of international furniture manufacturers, we gained a deep technical understanding of the products that are being created for the appliance and home renovation consumer market, confidently delivering compelling designs that cater to high product specifications.

The CGI and 3D Visualisation at Moxels gives shape, context and reality to the world’s most inspiring products and designs.

Working at the point where art and technology meet, we inspire people to share, and believe in, your brand vision.


Interactive Applications

Translate the visual content into interactive experiences, embedded into digital applications.

Our interactive applications will help you expand your customer base by reaching out to different target markets, leveraging the CGI content we have previously created for you.

The use of CGI as a tool to creative product  configurators is unrivalled. Once the 3D data is prepared we can quickly and cost effectively produce the CG assets required in order to create the full interactive configuration experience.


Branding & Collateral

Branding is about developing your company’s personality and values, building a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with customers and nurtures lasting relationships.

Even though everything shifts towards "internet of things", print remains one of the most popular means of advertising.

Magazines, newspapers, booklets and catalogs, all need a professional design. Text and graphics must complement each other to go along with the brand style guidelines.

Along with print design, we also offer text content-creation services. The same stands for booklets, brochures, posters, leaflets and other products that need graphic design.




Moxels main goal is to bring the real into the digital, and make it accessible to everyone.

We believe that all people in the world should have a great life, therefore we put our hands and brains to work on bringing the most valuable brands, products, services and projects into everyone's life.

Businesses around the world strive to create unique, innovative and life-changing solutions to better people's lives. We just make sure they succeed... by harnessing the internet of things power.

We are creatively developing tech solutions for brands and businesses by analysing human behaviour and delivering tailored solutions at scale.




7 Greenwood Terrace


Greater Manchester

M5 3GH
United Kingdom

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