Even though results matter, we are people-oriented. What makes us stand out in the crowd is our focus on attracting the best of talent in the creative industry.

Open, collaborative, and communicative we use our expertise and skills to design and engage in creating meaningful content for different brands across multiple industries. As a team with a thirsty desire to learn and a passion for solving problems, we are not afraid of challenging ourselves in the pursuit of personal growth.

Our goal is to inspire and to explore the full potential of each project we engage with.

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CGI artist

We are always seeking experienced CGI-Artists to join our award-winning CGI visualization team.

You’ll be joining a dynamic and multi-faceted team at our UK based office, in Manchester.

Find out more about what it takes to be a superstar CGI artist at Moxels.

Sales Representative

We need strongly driven and resilient representatives that can be Moxels brand advocates around the world.

You need to have a solid understanding and a passion for brands, design, products and marketing / advertising.

Find out more about how you can lead in the industry with a strong team of creatives behind you.


In this new day and age, the world is smaller than ever.

We are aware that we can't bring all talented people in the world together, but we can reach out to them.

Find out more about how you can play a pivotal role in our team.


If you want to be a creative superstar, you're in the right place.

We invest in top talent and help the community grow the next century tech-savvy designers.

Find out more about how you can be the next tech superstar.

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