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Our specialised range of services can offer solutions to a broad range of industries, helping brands around the world to reach more consumers and make a positive change in their life.

Developing a brand's image starts with a great product, service or project presentation. Let Moxels turn your ideas into reality.

If you are in the KBB(kitchen bedroom bathroom) sector, having your products visualized in-situ is a must if you want to have your customers assessing your products effectively.

Telling the story behind your interior concepts got easier than ever. Send the right message to your audience in no time with our help.

Every project starts with an idea, and each idea becomes real after a lot of hard work you put into it. But what if you could visualize that idea even before you started to work on it? We can make that happen for you.

The means of transportation get more and more advanced with each and every day, but presenting your new automobile brand hasn't been any easier with us.

We know how much you care about people - that's why we are in to give you a helping hand with implementing the latest healthcare tech on the market.


Product design

Before you start with a wider marketing campaign, you need to make sure that your product is accurately represented and visualized in 3D. We can re-create all your products or projects in 3D and then go on to visualize them virtually, allowing you a dramatic increase in advertising flexibility and brand consistency across a wide range of print and online marketing platforms.

Product Design


KBB Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom

We have been working with clients in the KBB industry since Moxels was founded, in 2014.
Having had a strong experience in dealing with a multitude of international furniture manufacturers, we gained a deep technical understanding of the products that are being created for the appliance and home renovation consumer, confidently delivering compelling designs that cater to high product specifications.


Interior design

Telling the story behind your interior concepts got easier than ever. From luxurious bedrooms to high-tech kitchens, and from classic to modern spaces, feel free to evoke a compelling living story that suits your brand style.

All those spaces that you have ever imagined can now be translated into a digital visual form of art which can be exposed to your various target audiences.

Send the right message to your customers and let them experience your brand lifestyle.