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Design: discover why it matters for your business

A hot topic we want to touch upon is the purpose of design. Due to the nature of our products and services, Moxels puts a lot of effort and resources into offering our clients the best representation of their views and requirements. Some of you might have asked themselves this question, especially when hiring designers: What makes a good designer? Why is design so important? How does this relate to my business and my goals?

What makes a good designer?

From an objective point of view, being a good designer requires more than "artistic sense " or  "artistic gut feeling". When hiring a designer, one should look for people with a strong foundation in psychology and design theory. Designing it’s not only about making things look aesthetic, even though there still exists the misconception that there is personal taste involved. So what is the truth about design? The truth is that design is an actual science despite the fact that people might have their own style. Aesthetics is only the last mile of design which is backed up by hours and hours of research and analysing the branding requirements and specifications.

Why is design so important?

Good design tells a story. It unifies your brand and tells a story. It drives innovations. Your value from a customer's perspective relies on what story you sell to them. Anyone can offer services, but customers represent an important entity which values the emotion and connection to a brand. We can consider how the failure of re-branding can lead to bankruptcy.

The story of Kodak started in 1888 in the US and by the early 1900s despite the economic depression, Eastman’s company became a global leader in the motion pictures market. The innovative products they brought to the market have had a big impact overall. However, they refused to consider the digital photography as a possible option and that led to a disaster. After Sony created the first digital camera (1981) people started preferring digital cameras over traditional cameras. Kodak then started to lose ground and market share and forgot to reconsider their business model. People also didn't just want cameras for their functionality, but for the emotions and feelings, they also get when they buy a product. They overlooked the importance of telling a good story. Kodak did not seem to grasp the concept of re-branding and therefore it announced bankruptcy in 2012.

How does design relate to my business and my goals?

One of the most important factors to consider when designing something which will be an end product, customised for your client is to transpose your client’s requirements in the end product. That is one important part of the Moxels’ workflow. Before any work done, we meet the client, discuss their positioning and branding and what expectations they have. We keep our customers updated throughout our collaboration, from initial sketches to the final product and adjust accordingly. Customer’s satisfaction is the end goal of any business and we prioritise our client’s perspectives regarding the outcome they desire by understanding their business model as well.


To wrap it up, we have highlighted what constitutes a good designer and why it is a vital part of your branding process. We also bring in the necessity of good design and staying in touch with your client’s visions in order to build trust and have a continuous development process.

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