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Different Types of CGI Services

As the Marketing industry has evolved, companies have looked for new ways to advertise the products and services they provide. One of the largest expanding methods of doing this is by using computer-generated imagery.

It allows businesses to capture the imagination of audiences by creating appealing images, therefore attracting more interest to the promotions they create.

There are multiple CGI services offered by many to suit various company needs. Some examples of these are architectural visualisation, interior design and product design.

Architectural Rendering

These renders are becoming very popular in architectural practices worldwide. Architects can use 3D rendering software at almost every stage of planning, helping them to spot potential problems early, make changes easier, and make buildings safer and more pleasant to be in.

Some software is even cloud-based, which can help speed up the design process for a team by allowing quick communication and keeping all team members updated on any changes, automatically.

Interior Design

Just like buildings can be designed with a 3D model, so can interior design. 3D renders can help your clients visualize how their space will look in ways that a simple 2D sketch and some swatches of cloth and colour simply can’t.

Not everyone has the ability to take a description made by someone else and then imagine it in a real setting. But a 3D render makes this possible by letting them tour their new décor up close and personal.

Product Creation

3D renderings are an efficient and cost-effective way to explore the concept of a new product without having to go to the expense of making it.

While mock-ups will still be a necessary part of getting a product ready for manufacturing, having a 3D render can be essential in helping to sell the idea to investors as well as smooth out any problems before money and materials are wasted on a mock-up.

Today, new product design is improving all the time. 3D rendering can add details to a product so that it exactly matches the customer needs, and the whole thing can be 3D printed specifically for the customer.

To Summarise

These are just some of the types of CGI services offered globally, and all of them have a common goal: to help others visualise their ideas and show them off to the world.

Moxels is proud to bring others' projects to life by using CGI, it offers a variety of 3D design services made by professional digital artists that take pride in their creations.

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