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The artistry and benefits of high-quality Computer Generated Imagery

We often ask ourselves: what power lies in the artistry of high-quality CGI and why is it a choice for a substantially large amount of fields? From Hollywood movies to the car industry, or retail, big brands seem to have chosen their preferred way of displaying visual experiences to their audiences.

Nowadays, competition is tough among marketers considering the fact that consumers have so many choices to make. Because of that, brands need convincing visual content that offers scale, flexibility and appeals to every consumer context. Not only that, but the markets have changed considerably. Since the new technology era, people are more digitally connected than ever, and this changes the requirements for visual product content that cannot be produced in a traditional way anymore.

1. Product Teasers

Traditional photography requires the availability of the product in order to deliver the content and this can take up to a few good months. During this process, a lot of inconveniences and high expenses can occur:

  • Damage of products;

  • Cost of hiring a designer, professional photographer;

  • 3-6 months of waiting for the finished product;

  • Communication issues between different teams who specialise in particular areas;

However, with CGI, the visual content is created after approved designs and is delivered long before the production starts. This way, brands can:

  • Create early advertising campaigns to ensure public awareness, aka product teasers;

  • Don’t need a physical product in order to deliver the visual content for it;

  • The whole production team is made up of CGI experts who are proficient in producing high-quality CGI based on the client requirements;

2. High scale delivery

In order to stay relevant on the market, brands require more and more content, and are in need of an improved method of content creation. Photography usually falls behind when the demand is extremely high and the costs involved would be tremendous even for large business giants.

Therefore, computer-generated imagery makes up for high-cost photo shootings or even re-shootings while keeping the costs low, delivery times in check and content quality high.

3. High flexibility and re-usability

Products usually vary their range in colour, configurations, models, or other features which might require additional alterations of the original product. Of course, the old way of achieving this would be to edit the images afterwards(where possible) and edit them into what the client requires.

CGI brings a more versatile solution to this problem and can easily offer variations of the initial product, allowing brand visual consistency across a broad range of multimedia and point of sales channels. From colour and lighting to different viewing angles, these variations come in fast and at a lower cost compared to other conventional methods of production since the assets are reused to create new marketing material which is also called CGI repurposing.

4. Personalised content creation

Offering personalised possibilities to consumers has resulted in a massive demand for original visuals. When it comes to uniqueness, brands have always wanted to be the leader in their industry by attracting customers through a certain brand image which they manage to create through their original content.

By offering the freedom to explore any product configuration based on the assets they require, CGI manages to reflect a brand’s attitude, values and personality while maintaining high-quality, effectiveness, and flexibility.

With CGI, brands can now dare to be different, to experience with various creative ideas way easier and at no risk.

5. Consistency across all touch-points

When getting to experience different platforms, customers expect the same experience all over, as consistency is key to maintaining a constant image for your audience. Having inconsistent platforms disrupts the engagement and can result in a lack of customer loyalty.

By using CGI, you can seamlessly define your brand’s signature across all platforms throughout the customer’s purchasing journey.

Closing thoughts

When it comes to the CGI artistry, the advantages are clear: seamless interaction across all your platforms, high flexibility and scalability. Moreover, being able to offer product teasers and create different variations of the same product puts brands at a high advantage and helps them create unique, original content in a continuously changing, competitive world.

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