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How visible is your brand?

What do brands and visual images have in common? As we have previously talked in our Consumer behaviour and visual experiences article, humans are visually wired. Blame it on the brain, blame it on our history, but this is just the way we are.

With over 70% of our sensory receptors located in our brain, there’s no wonder images can have a high impact on our being when it comes to decision-making.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

One might ask how are images and visual representations related to their brand? According to one study by Brandwatch, brands which appeared in most pictures all across the web are the most popular. By using a tool which can detect logos in any picture, they have ranked the brands with the highest number of unique image displays per month. Let’s dive into the facts and have a look at why visibility is absolutely crucial for your brand development, growth, and revenue.

Top visual brands of 2018

Truth is, people buy what they remember. The impression your brand creates keeps them active in the mind of your customers. Therefore, it is very common for medium to large brands to be active on social media, to engage with customers, but to also have their brand represented by people across the web. In one simple word, they need to maintain a level of visibility. Brand visibility is of utmost importance, deciding the fate of the products and services of a respective company.

After a deep analysis of the pictures from Twitter and Instagram, there has been discovered that among the top brands with the highest average of unique photos per month are :

Adidas - 6,664,170 unique images. After doing some math, we came to the realisation that this means 154 new images every minute, or three new images every second.

- Nike: 5,134,017

- Google: 3,888,432

- Emirates: 2,841,215

The connection between visibility and revenue

The connection is simple, or so we think. The more people talk about you, the more popular your company is. And the more popular your brand is, the more people will trust your brand and use it, therefore your brand will get associated with trustworthiness and good quality.

Considering that there are smaller companies which don’t necessarily have a high volume of images to make it to the top, but they are over-performing, we have looked at data which ranks the brands by the number of images generated for every dollar of revenue.

If Adidas made it to number 1, in our first category, it is actually on the third place, now that we take into considerations the number of images they get for their revenue. The top winners are :

- Puma: $5 billion revenue /// 32 million images per year /// $154 revenue per image

- UnderArmour: $3.9 billion in revenue /// 17 million images per year /// $224 revenue per image

- Adidas: $24 billion in revenue /// 80 million images per year /// $296 of revenue per image

The numbers suggest that brands with lower revenue, such as Puma or Underarmour, get more online visibility through other methods such as sponsorship, advertising and social than other brands like Microsoft or Coca-Cola.

How you can escalate your visibility

After understanding the impact online visibility has on your brand, you might ask yourself: “How do I increase my visibility for as little(money) as possible?” As time passes, new strategies are developed which incorporate the emerging aspects of the markets. Don’t forget that this is the time where every brand has its own presence online.

Some of the tips for improving your visibility include:

Visual Brand Identity - In an age of information, the consumer can get flooded with adverts of all sort which triggers them to become immune to the sea of information noise. So, bombarding people with visuals will not be a wise advertising strategy to investing your money in, unless you’re among the largest companies in the world that can afford to throw money out the window in a bid to stay in the front all the time.

Therefore, it is very important to adopt a wise advertising strategy that tells a relevant story and connects to your target audience.

At Moxels, we know just how important it is to have a clean, distinct online look which captures the essential values at the core of your brand. From developing a clean concise and consistent visual identity for your brand to forging compelling CGI, 3D visualizations, and generate a clever design strategy, we can help you achieve the desired outcome for your brand.

Social Media - Social media is and will be one of the most powerful environments where you can promote your business or let your audience promote it for you as you start building loyal relationships with your clients. Again, it’s very important to have the right visual brand identity before you engage in creating awareness on social media.

SEO - The success mantra for increasing brand visibility is opting for search engine optimization(SEO) techniques. You should pick the most important keywords you want to associate your brand with, and optimize for those keywords such that your ranking should be high enough for possible customers to visit your website. However, this might take a long time as it is a tedious process, it can yield great results for your business if done right.

Get to know your audience or potential audience - Companies are always offering products or services, but not a lot of them are actually taking into considerations what the audience really wants. The demands and expectations from the customers’ side can be observed with the aid of online marketing tools. Designing a product or a service according to the needs of your customers can prove to be very effective.

Final thoughts

As the markets are continuously changing and people’s demands are increasing, staying on top of the competition can be tough. Despite all that, there is always room for progress and development, and one way of keeping your brand in a formidable position is by increasing your brand visibility. Whether it’s by engaging with your audience, sponsorships, marketing campaigns, or advertising, or even organic advertising through loyal customers, maintaining brand visibility decides the fate of your products and services, and eventually, your company’s.

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