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Is 3D architectural visualization the best option for architectural design?

In the last few decades, technology has come to progress in such a way that it allows us to do amazing things in the computing branch. Thanks to great leaders such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Linus Torvalds, there have been significant changes in the way modern societies live their life. Computers are becoming much faster, stronger and are able to do tasks which seemed relatively impossible only a little while ago. This has affected many fields of work amongst which is the field of architecture.

What are 3D visualizations and what’s their purpose?

3D Visualization is defined as the “technique for creating 3D images in order to send a message”. It is also a synonym for 3D graphics, 3D rendering, CGI(computer generated imagery) and other such terms. It is no wonder that it has become one of the most expressive ways in the world of architecture.

People have always used visuals to articulate their own ideas, thoughts, opinions, and emotions.

3D artists, nowadays, are able to craft impressive scenes and bring to life even the most impossible dreams. Something which was once just a vague idea has become one of the most used tools for the rendering of buildings, giving clients an accurate representation of the proposed design.

Why is 3D rendering a better option for architectural visualization?

  1. One of the biggest advantages of using 3D rendering in projects, which involves the design of the urban environment, is the possibility of advertising the building before it is actually finished. This offers the companies the advantage of promoting the product to the right audience before it is finished. This way, the marketing campaign can start much earlier compared to the old-fashioned way of organizing a photo-shooting session after the project was finished.

  2. Another advantage, which has to be taken into account, is the fact that architectural jobs involve multiple parties such as engineers, architects, planners and many more. Each party involved has different views and objectives in mind which complicates the process. However, architectural rendering companies get around that and make life easier for everybody by putting together a visual concept used for a shared understanding.

  3. As we have mentioned before in our previous article regarding the advantages of CGI, 3D rendering is, in most cases, a cheaper option for product catalogs and advertising campaigns since the 3D artists are the only ones taking care of the whole process and there is no need to involve a professional photographer, designer or any other piece of equipment.

  4. Last but not least, 3D visualization and design are not a mean to an end. In the case of the 3D rendering, there are continuous changes to the projects we are working with. Lighting, angles, colours, etc. - small tweaks to the scene are a part of the process depending on the insights gained through the visualization that leads to a next design stage.

Our experience with architectural projects

Throughout time, our experience as a 3D visualisation agency, we have had the pleasure to work on some very interesting architectural projects. It has been an exciting journey for the Moxels team to collaborate with companies such as Crawford Partnership Architects or KnightKnox and we’re proud of the level of craftsmanship our CGI artists have proved themselves to have.

What is next?

More and more companies seem to move towards 3D rendering images as a primary option for their visuals when it comes to architecture. Another big step seems to be the shift towards the realm of Virtual Reality. If not long this seemed like Science Fiction, it is now the next big thing not only for architects and designers, but for everyone.

To wrap it all up, 3D rendering and architectural visualization is the result of years and years of technological evolution and allows us to break the barriers of reality when it comes to architecture. Considering the pace of progress we’re currently having, we can only imagine what the future holds for us...

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