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Moxels moved offices!

It’s only February and 2018 already came with big changes for Moxels along with the celebration of 3 years since the creation of our CGI company. After a continuous development and improvement, we have finally decided it is time for a new office location and further expand our horizons.

Why did we move?

Despite our old office’s coziness and commodity back in Salford Quays, Moxels wanted to break through this plateau and get out of the comfort zone. Progress is highly important in order to develop, and this was one of biggest reasons we chose to move. Finding the perfect office was definitely a hard task which took us a couple of visits and time required to explore new environments.


After an extensive search, we have finally come to the right place: the 2 City Approach building in Eccles.

A few reasons for our new office location included :

  • Location  and connections

Located in a prime position adjacent to the M602, on the approach to Manchester City Centre, which can be reached in a matter of minutes, transportation is easily facilitated by tram, train or bus. This offers our employees a better way of commuting and our clients an easier way of reaching out to us.

  • A larger office

Due to our future plans which include adding new team members to our team, we decided that we could use a bigger, more spacious office which would accommodate our needs.

  • Affordable and flexible contracts

The variety of options and availability of new offices made our task less difficult as it allowed a greater pool of choices, ranging from offices of 200 sq. ft. to renting a whole floor for larger business purposes.

Future plans for Moxels

Our move was only one of the steps we are going to take in 2018 but we are not stopping here. New projects and collaborations are coming along with new products and services we want to provide to our current and future customers. We will continue to offer greater value on the CGI market and even expand to other sectors as well.

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