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Our awesome team 101: Peter Istrate

Since we were almost done with most of the team members, we thought of keeping the best for the finale, Peter Istrate, the man who brought Moxels to life 3 years ago and never stops improving it. You can always find him at the office, working, learning, creating because his principles revolve around the idea that one's development never ends and the process should be fully enjoyed throughout.

With over ten years of extensive experience in the CGI and marketing industry, Peter’s design skills are completed by his competent approach to implementing effective commercial strategies and marketing solutions. Peter's responsibilities go way beyond CGI artist but somehow he manages to take care of everything that's needed and makes sure every problem has at least a solution.

Despite the ups and downs that have come along the way, he has never ceased to believe in Moxels and what its purpose is: delivering top quality CGI products and services into the mainstream business advertising environment with the help of the GPU technology.

Enthusiastic and keen on discovering business strategies, he enjoys discussing global issues, politics and he's always up to date with news. We don't really need a news channel at the office, we have a Peter.Full of knowledge, he likes inspiring through his vision and hopes to do creative work until he dies as doesn't see himself doing anything else. His belief is that if you can't wait to retire then you haven't found the right job yet or you haven't created the right job yet since he thinks opportunities are either found or created.

Persistent and hard-working, Peter has self-taught himself everything he knows and has invested a lot of time and energy towards what Moxels is today.

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