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Our Awesome Team members 101 : Adam Rosenberg

Here at Moxels, we believe in working as a team and we highly value each one of our members. Today we are putting the light on our junior CGI artist, an ambitious designer, Adam Rosenberg!

Having a degree in Modelling and Animation for Games and Media, Adam is always finding himself keen on learning, constantly developing his skills and never misses a chance to improve his designs by the smallest details.

Highly motivated, he is passionate about creating and modeling 3D environments for films, games or 3D visualizations which was a perfect fit for our needs. Adam expressed his enthusiasm when it comes to creating 3D interiors, prop modeling, texturing or rendering which was well reflected from the first few months of working with us.

With a curious personality, Adam (or Pedro, by his Spanish nickname) loves the concept of creating a project from scratch and bringing it to life and can also speak fluent Spanish and English with a flawless accent due to his multicultural background.

We hope Pedro never stops learning and progressing through the journey as a CGI artist and Moxels is proud to have him as one of us.

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