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The 2018 edition of KBB Birmingham - Path to innovation

Moxels could not miss the  2018 edition of KBB Birmingham which proved us again to be a success as the largest KBB event in the UK. Characterized by innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge styles, we wanted to share some insights with our readers.

Who participated and why?

We’re living in a world that’s fast-paced and we’re always moving towards solutions for a better future. This year’s edition of KBB Birmingham has brought up 4 important topics: Society, Smart Technology, Materiality, and Disruption. With over 400 hundred exhibiting brands we have witnessed the latest thought-provoking installations and a variety of new, improved products.

The conference programme

The kbbreview Retail and Design conference returned for this year’s edition with brand new “how to “ practical skills sessions. This also included a program designed to grow your business in a world of continuous change. Ranging from how to get your projects featured in magazines, how to add value by selling a lifestyle to how to keep up with the customer, each talk offered professional insight when it comes to design, product development, and progress.

The innovation awards

Backed by popular demand, the Innovation Awards partner-shipped with Blum UK in order to celebrate innovation in all its forms. Categories ranged from service, construction, materials, and processes to the most technologically advanced products from world-leading exhibitors.

The judges selected four winners and rewarded them for their creative thinking and smart solutions.

To sum it up ...

KBB Birmingham is proof of the dynamic nature of the world. People, products, environment, all change, and businesses need to adapt themselves in order to produce spectacular, improved results. The KBB sector has just started its way towards progress, now that it has the tools for that: CGI, marketing, and branding. We are glad that things are heading towards the right direction.

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