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The path to growth: better customer-relationships

Over the years, the Moxels team has had the pleasure to visit multiple trade shows, interact with customers, discuss their needs and how our services reach up to their expectations. We’ve put together a few tips regarding customer relationship affects your business and how you can use that to grow and expand. We also highlight the importance of being able to answer the Why, How, Who questions in order to build your customer-relationships and what they expect of you.

Effective customer relationship
Effective customer relationship


In order to have a successful business model, you must make sure you have understood your (future) customers’ needs, requirements, and perceptions. It’s important to prove your seriousness and interest in order for them to consider making business with you.The satisfaction of your customers is the reflection of your business. A damaged business’ image is difficult to repair and might take years to gain your customers’ trust back.


This might seem the most confusing part for most businesses. In our opinion, this is what separates unsuccessful models from highly successful companies.

Unless you already have a high profile company, new clients might not approach you. In order to create a perfect environment for making business with another customer you must :

  1. Have a strong value proposition which clearly underlines why your services/products are better than what others offer.

  2. Prove your worth to your clients and they will contact you for collaboration.  That is done through attending events which concern your customers, articles or any indirect interaction.

  3. Have a spotless catalog of your products. Moxels is your friend here.


After you have answered these questions and you have a few clients groups based on common traits we advise you do some research.

Find what events these businesses are interested in, see if they themselves are holding any events. What worries them, what do they want to improve? What do they offer?

We’re giving ourselves as an example at this moment by visiting the January Furniture Fair. We don’t expect our clients to come to us, we come to them and prove our value and what we can do for them. We try to understand our future clients, their struggles and what they can improve and then we build the relationship around that.

These were our tips for today, we hope you enjoyed them!

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