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What is CGI repurposing ?

Using a general definition, repurposing is simply a process of taking one piece of content and reproducing it in various different types or formats. However, in CGI, things take a slight turn.

We do not change just the format, we change the visual perspective and therefore we highlight different parts of your products using different conceptual angles.

How is this beneficial for our clients ?

  • They receive a full catalog with versatile images of different angles, colors and perspectives of their product and, therefore, a better integration of the product in the scenery according to their needs.

  • They benefit from a increased flexibility and a larger variety of product environments for their customers' experiences.

  • The prices for product variations(repurposed content) is quite low compared to other methods of product advertising, due to an over increasing efficiency of digital software and hardware.

Why is repurposing important for the Marketing strategy ?

  • Repurposing doesn’t require a lot of time and effort but it can be proven to be very efficient.

  • It appeals to clients, according to how they wish to build their advertising campaign. They might find that the flexibility allows them to create multiple advertising campaigns which might target different customer segments.

  • It is a flexible design approach because you don’t start from scratch but rather use initial versions of the project driving down the costs and timelines.

Ultimately, in the digital age, the market is filled with thousands of products that come in a variety of options. A very efficient way to keep track and manage all these options is to transform your product into a digital version of itself, and then manipulate it easily and consistently across different mediums of advertising.

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