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Is your idea worth pursuing?

Most clients that call us for help usually come up with different kind of ideas which they would like us to make true. However, this might not always be the right action to take. But how do we tell brilliant ideas from fad ideas apart? Given the fact that we have experience with design and working with other companies when dealing with various types of creative CGI projects, we have to make sure we consider the most viable options for our clients. But how?

Test it

During our early stages of the discovery process, we discover your brand’s core values, attitude and position on the market. Based on that, we should have a clear understanding of your goals and what our work should mean for your brand. In order to evaluate clients’ ideas, we test them by asking 3 questions:

  • Does it achieve the goal?

  • Are the information and story clear?

  • Is it interesting?

This allows us to test, refine and filter their ideas and inform our clients on making decisions which are productive towards their goal. This also helps us in delivering something of value to our customers.

Does it achieve the goal?

At the beginning of our collaboration, we need to know your goals. Whether you’re trying to appeal to a different kind of audience or promote certain types of products, this is vital to be known and clearly understood as our whole work depends on it. A well-defined goal should express: what it needs to do, who it is for, what they need to walk away with. It is the problem we are trying to solve.

Is your idea the right fit for the goal you have established? Does it take into account what the purpose of the project should achieve ? This can get complicated if there is a lack of clarity on what the goal is. In that case, we need to diagnose the real problem and dig deep into setting the right goals.

Does it send the right message?

Is the message coming through? Does it make the audience feel something?

A great way to test this is to present a draft of the idea to an outsider. Someone similar to your target audience. Without explaining much, what did they think the draft was about? How did it make them feel?

If your audience is not responding the right way, then the initial idea might not be the best option.

Is it interesting?

Does it prompt you to think? Does it challenge you? Are you connecting two ideas to create a new meaning?

If you’ve passed the first two tests, then you have addressed the goal. For straightforward, conservative projects, that’s all it needs to do. However, as a creative digital agency, our work involves more than that. In the field of design, marketing, and advertising, we’re challenged to do more. To cut through the noise and grab attention. To instill desire and build intent. To recruit our audiences to act.

As a 3D creative agency, we must ensure that our clients are guided in the best possible direction in order to achieve their goal. Specialised in design, branding, and CGI, we take it one step further. We ask important questions, listen and then give you our feedback in your best interest.

We make filtering and refining your ideas a top priority in our 3D creative journey.

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