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MOXELS digital creative CGI agency

We deliver individually crafted strategies, compelling identities along with remarkable experiences, through CGI and seamless digital interactions, to bind the gap between people and brands.

Our passion for brands inspires us to create smart, unique work which caters to your business’ goals and customers.

Moxels main goal is to bring the real into the digital, and make it accessible to everyone. We believe that all people in the world should have a great life, therefore we put our hands and brains to work on bringing the most valuable brands, products, services and projects into everyone's life.

Businesses around the world strive to create unique, innovative and life-changing solutions to better people's lives. We just make sure they succeed... by harnessing the internet of things power. We are creatively developing tech solutions for brands and businesses by analysing human behaviour and delivering tailored solutions at scale.

Our Team

Core Members

      Peter Istrate

Managing Director & Founder

Peter is the founder and CEO of Moxels agency that was started in 2014 as a pioneering design studio and that has naturally evolved into a digital creative agency over the years, under his guidance.
As a managing director, he overlooks the creative and strategic direction of the business-design process.
Peter is passionate about brands, advertising, human behaviour, business, economics and Liberty... which are the basis of the design-thinking he employs to make brands known in the world to people who need them the most.

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Peter Istrate, the Managing Directr at Moxels.
Adam Rosenberg, Senior CGI artist at Moxels.

      Adam Rosenberg

Senior CGI artist

With a Manchester Metropolitan University design degree behind, Adam discovered his passion for architectural visualization in the early days of his 20s and began his journey into the world of CGI, quickly acquiring many new skills along the way. Adam graduated with a II.I degree, and he's now a key member of our agency where he is managing projects for various brands and taking care of our in-house team of designers and CGI artists.

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      Andrew Pek

CGI artist

Andrew developed a strong creative flair, over the years, having started with Design at the Art School of Oradea, and following that through with his passion for visual arts for years to come ever since.
He spiced his career with different other hobbies that kept him actively inspired. He's been the lead vocalist, guitarist and co-writer at Alternative Metal band as well as rocking the urban concrete with his 
best in town aggressive-inline-skating skills.
And when he's not with his 7 cats and the dog, you'll find him in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes all the time.
Andrew keeps getting inspired by reading a lot of design books as well as sci-fi and fantasy novels.

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Simona Paulescu, Digital Media Marketing Manager at Moxels.

      Simona Paulescu

Digital Media Marketing Manager

Having studied Computer Science at the University Of Manchester, Simona enjoys finding solutions for everyday problems and uses programming to solve them. From web development to creating 3D games, she doesn't forget about her creative writing and has a high interest in marketing tools and platforms.
Having participated in hacking contests and several projects, Simona has got a good grasp of communication and collaboration within large teams of people across the field.

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Our Team

Our Culture

Our goal is to produce pieces of art that stand out in the world while having fun and fostering creativity, collaboration and skill mastery. We are strong believers that our work makes a world impact by promoting great ideas and innovative designs.​

We work as a collective, where excellence, expertise and expression are valued by all; where we collaborate with some of the world’s leading creative thinkers and produce work to which we are proud to put our name on.​

We encourage ongoing professional development and will proactively support a training programme that is tailored to the needs of each of our team members.

Our team is forward-thinking and energetic, fostering a great company culture, something that is primordial in our pursuit of a happy workplace and a fulfilled life. We are strong believers that an individual should be fit to be part of our culture. A positive attitude, resilience and the ability to integrate and collaborate are often more important than the technical skills alone.

We work in a collaborative and diverse team made up of 3D artists, strategists, designers, interior designers, business developers, and a group of talented freelancers.




Embrace and drive change

We are the catalyst that's driving the change and innovation in any business we partner with. It's part of our DNA to question everything, point to and call out the things that are not right, and then come up with effective solutions instead.


Pursue growth and learning

Our whole team has an extensive experience and education in our craft - we are leaders in our field. We constantly improve our skill set and look for ways to learn, grow and expand our knowledge through personal development plans. We continuously challenge ourselves to be educated on cutting edge marketing strategies and tactics that produce results.


Build strong relationships

We operate as a collaborative extension for your business, fostering strong communication channels that extend to your marketing department. We are like a separate department of your business. Our people are your team of expert advertisers.


Do more with less

It's a requirement for all our team members to be proactive, adaptable and highly optimistic. We do not see obstacles; we see challenges and growth potential. There's no place for complaining in our environment. Resilience is the key to moving forward as a team.


Build solutions, not barriers

We encourage and empower our team by removing obstacles together. We show each other how to overcome the challenges we face, and then move forward, closer to our goals.

Our Culture

Our House

With views over the historical Eccles and minutes away from Media City, our studio is based in the heart of Manchester - one of the most creative and thriving communities in the whole of the United Kingdom.

We use state of the art technology, individual desk spaces and ergonomic chairs.

We actively engage with and look for potential new technologies that can enhance our creativity and productivity.

Moxels offers a positive, creative environment where people are encouraged and supported to develop and produce challenging, cutting-edge, award-winning work to become world leading designers.

We believe that an individual will give his best when he's free of any creative constraints. That's why, at Moxels, we have adopted a modern, relaxed and free approach to work having a working environment that allows flexible working hours, flexible holidays and free access to the internet and all the creative tools out there.

Besides that, fruits, coffee, tea and bin bags are on the house :)

Our House


What clients think about us

Dan Mounsey, Marketing Manager at Hill's Panel Products(HPP).

Dan Mounsey

Marketing Manager

Hill's Panel Products

Over multiple projects Moxels have consistently delivered high quality images that have either matched or exceeded our expectations. From start to finish communication has always been good allowing the projects to flow well with a minimum of fuss. These are amongst the reasons that Moxels remain our preferred partner for all of our CGI requirements.

David Levine, CEO at Digitalbridge.

David Levine



We've been really impressed with the attention to detail and quality of the CGI from Moxels. Working with an experienced partner who truly understands the problems we're trying to solve makes life so much easier.

Lee Spooner, Digital Lead Manager at Kingfisher.

Lee Spooner

Digital Lead Manager

Kingfisher / B&Q

Moxels provide an outstanding service to meet any business 3D modelling and CGI needs. Overall, we loved the work and all the background research they did to understand our business and products. It's a pleasure and relief to work with people whose taste and judgement you trust. No micro-management necessary. Still, they stayed willing, easy-going and professional.

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